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1. Creating an account

2. First steps
2.1 Placing the castle
2.2 The first buildings
2.3 Queue
2.4 Buildings
2.4.1 Townhalls
2.4.2 Resource producing buildings
2.4.3 Storehouse
2.4.4 Market-Place
2.4.5 Castle
2.4.6 Forge
2.4.7 Farm

3. Units

4. Fighting

5. Expansion/Colonisation

6. Highscore

7. Tech-Tree

8. Forum

1. Creating an account
- Click here to register for a new account (It's totaly free).
- You will be transferred to a page called 'Registration for the "Castles" strategy game. Step 1'.
- Follow the link to the rules (link-colour in blue) AND READ THEM!
- Enter your email-adress in the table right of field 'Email'.
- Confirm your email-adress in the table right of 'Confirm Email'.
- Choose a playername in the table right of 'Player Name'. (It's not possible to change it later, choose careful.)
- Choose a name for your Kingdom in the table right of 'Kingdom Name'. (It's possible to change it later.)
- Choose and confirm your password which will be used to login to your account.
- Tick the checkbox next 'ToS/Rules' after you red the rules.
- Press the 'Register'-button at the bottom of the page.
- A message 'confirmation-email has been sent' will be displayed.
- Go to your email-account and check for an email from Castle Age.
- Click on the given link to activate your account. A new email will be sent containing your account number.
- Check your email-account again for your account-number.
- Now you are ready to login using your account number and password!

2 First steps
2.1 Placing the castle
After you have created your account and have logged in successfully, you need to place your castle on the map.

Click on the map symbol at 'general options'.
Use the minimap to choose a place near another settlement. Or use the "pin" to let the server pick a suitable spot for you.
If you have decided about a location for your castle - center your map on the field by left-clicking on it.
Check if you have the full 57 fields for your kingdom. (There will be a warning if you loose fields, because you are too close to other kingdoms.)
Once you found a spot to build your castle press the big 'settle now'-button below your map and and finish the settle process.
Your castle construction will start and it will take 2 minutes until it is done.

2.2 The first buildings

You will have noticed the blinking numbers, below the lumber/stone/iron/gold-icons.
Those are your resources. You start withh 1000 each. They are blinking to notify you about the fact that the storage capacity is reached - you will not regain more than 1000 resources without a storehouse.
Go to the 'Kingdom Overview' (eye symbol at general options) where you will see a list of all buildings in yout kingdom. Of course at this point there will be only one: your castle. If it is still under construction you see a red bar at 'Constr.', changing to green colour. The bar will disappear when the building is finished.
Wait until the castle is finished, because you can only build ONE building at the same time in the beginning.
Now you have to decide what to do - what building would be most useful in the beginning.
In this tutorial we will start with a sawmill. Sawmills increase your production of lumber. There are other resources producing buildings such as quarries for stones, iron mines for iron and gold mines for - guess what - gold, while farms determine how many troops you can feed!
If you are not on the map you should click on the map symbol (general options). Choose a location for your sawmill inside your kingdom. Pick a spot with a high percentage of lumber.
Notice that there is limited space inside your frontiers and that every building has a certain distance-rule. E.g. sawmills have to be 1 square away from any other building except from castles. This rule applies to any resource building.
After you have chosen a location, select the spot and center your map by left-clicking on the field where you want to build. The desired fild will now show the 'New Building'-Button. Click it.
You will be transferred to the 'Construction Menu'. The construction menu gives you a list of all buildings that you can build at this stage.
Leftclick on the 'Sawmill'-picture to start the construction. If there is no conflict with the distance-requirements, the construction of the building will start and you will be forwarded to map again where you can watch the construction progress.
While your sawmill is being built, you should look for suitable spots for your other resource buildings. Build one of each to be able to build other buildings such as Storehouses, Townhalls, Forges, etc... Be careful at the beginning to not start the construction of a second building while the first construction is still in progress. The second construction will be put in the construction cueue for a penalty of 25% of the costs. In order to be able to build simultanously you can build Townhalls. Each townhall allows for one additional construction at a time. So once all you have one of each resource building, you should build a storehouse and a townhall. Check out some of the big players to see how they place buildings in order to avoid wasting valuable space.

2.3 Queue
What is the use of the queue?
If you are not online regularly, the queue can be used to level building more than one level while you are offline. The queue will be more expensive with every added construction.

2.4 Buildings
There are no useless buildings in castles. The biggest problem will be to be able to place ALL the useful buildings inside your start-up-kingdom.

How do I build buildings?
Look to chapter "2.2 The first buildings". It is explained step by step there.

How do I upgrade buildings?
Look at "general options".
Click the eye-icon (Kingdom overview).

Search for the building that you want to upgrade in your building-menu.
You have to leftclick the hammer-symbol next to the level of the building.

You will go to the building-menu of the builing. If you have enough resources for the upgrade, it will start instantly.

2.4.1 Townhalls
Townhalls are one of the most useful buildings. For every townhall you get the possibility to build ONE MORE building at the same time.
1 castle +0 TH = 1 building at the same time (if you build more, building will be queued)
1 castle +1 TH = 2 building possible at the same time (without queue, without building-penalty)

The biggest problem will be to place more than one townhall into your kingdom, because there need to be 4 squares between townhalls including other players' townhalls.

2.4.2 Resource producing buildings
Without these buildings you will regain only very small amounts of resources per hour (5 per hour of every resource). Upgrade your resource buildings to increase each building's production by 25 tons per hour. You will need lumber, stone, iron, gold roughly in those ratios 1,2 : 1,05 : 1 : 1
Try to keep the mines at the same level.

2.4.3 Storehouse
Your maximum storage without Storehouse is 1000 of each resource.
If you build a storehouse it will double to 2000 of each resource. It is recommended to build a storehouse early, to keep you from loosing resources if you are offline for some time.
You will loose resources when your storehouse' capacity is reached. E.g. you have 2000 capacity in the storehouse and you have reached 2000 stones by regaining - every stone (over 2000) that you would normally regain will be lost until you use up some stones or the storehouse is upgraded.

2.4.4 Market-Place
The Market-Place is the location for your peaceful interaction with other players. If you need a resource, you can make an offer to the surrounding kingdoms for such resource. If the other kingdoms accept the offer, you will be able to exchange the needed resource against a less needed resource of your own.

2.4.5 Castle
It is possible to build up to 6 castles. If you want to build a new castle, your kingdom must have at least 1000 military units for each castle that you already own. It does not matter in which castle these units are stationed.
Castles are the center of your kingdom. They unite the opposites of being a weakpoint and your advantage over your neighbours.
You can recruit units here that you have already researched, provided that the level of the castle is high enough to recruit them.
You can check the current position/mission of the local units.
You can send troops from here to attack other castles.
You can check your battle-chances with the simulator.

2.4.6 Forge
The forge is another important building. Without a forge it will be impossible to build units. You need to research every type of unit here, before you can recruit them in the castle.
You can also use the forge to upgrade the troops, enhancing their abilities in attack and defense.

It has a 4 square distance-requirement to other forges, so be careful where you place the forge.

2.4.7 Farm
The farm is essential, because the farm level influences the maximum size of your army.

3. Units
There are several requirements before you can recruit units.
You need a farm on level 5.
You need a forge on level 1.
You need to research 'Phallanx' in the Forge.
Then you will be able to build units in the castle.

If units or research appear to be very expensive at your current hourly production, you should upgrade your mines first! Later the units will appear to be cheap (except the herold).

4. Fighting
Why cant I attack the mines of my enemy?
Castles is an area-based game. If every building would be attackable, it would be impossible to build up a proper defense for your kingdom. The only possible target is the enemy's-castle.

How can I raise my chances to win a fight?
- higher amount of units than the enemy (of course 20 chevaliers would frag 50 phallanx, specific amount is important here)
- you need to upgrade to high-level-units at the forge (stats of the units will be raised)
- for defenders: build up the castle, it raises the defense a bit
- check the stationed enemy-units with scouts before the real attack (they should go unnoticed if the enemy has no scouts)

What is the 'Loyality'?
The loyality is a factor that will come into consideration when someone wants to conquer another kingdom with a Herold-unit.
The successful attack with a Herold (weak unit, so he needs lots of support-units) will lower loyality of the enemys untis. If the loyality is at 0%, the herold will be able to conquer the enemy-castle.
Loyality is regaining quite fast.
Well-timed attacks combining loyality-lowering to zero will be the key to success.

5. Expansion/Colonisation
There are 2 ways to expand.
First way to extend your territory is by building castles. The new castle should be placed on the border of your kingdom.

The second way is far more complicated and dangerous.
Build a forge to level 20.
Build a castle to level 25.
Upgrade 'phalanx' to level 10 in the Forge.
Research 'Herold' in the Forge.
Build the 'Herold' in your castle.
Attack another kingdom (army must include a herold) until it looses all loyality. Then attack it again with your army (led by a herold).
You will capture the enemies castle.

6. Highscore
What are techpoints?
Tech-points are points based on researched and upgraded units.
For every research and upgrade of a unit (in the Forge), you will get a certain amount of points for the highscore.

What are development-points?
Development-points are points based on buildings and upgrade of buildings.
For every new building and for every upgrade of a building, you will get a certain amount of points for the highscore.

7. Tech-Tree

The tech-tree explains the requirements to build certain buildings and units.

Ressourcebuildings: no requirements to build them

Town Development:
Townhall: You nead one of each resource building and a storehouse.
Storehouse: You nead one of each resource building.
Market-Place: You need a Storehouse (level 3) and a Townhall (level 5) before you are able to build a Market-Place.
Forge: You need a Farm (level 5) before you are able to build a Forge.

You need 1000 soldiers for each built castle to build another one.

You need a Forge before you can build units in your castle!

Phalanx: You need Castle (level 1), Forge (level 1). Phallanx has to be researched in Forge before you can build this unit in the castle.

Axeman: You need Castle (level 3), Forge (level 3). Axeman has to be researched in Forge before you can build this unit in the castle.

Swordsman: You need Castle (level 5), Forge (level 5) and Phallanx (level 5). Swordsman has to be researched in Forge before you can build this unit in the castle.

Paladin: You need Castle (level 10), Forge (level 5) and Phallanx (level 5). Paladin has to be researched in Forge before you can build this unit in the castle.

Scout: You need Castle (level 5), Forge (level 8. Scout has to be researched in Forge before you can build this unit in the castle.

Knight: You need Castle (level 10), Forge (level 12) and Scout (level 5). Knight has to be researched in Forge before you can build this unit in the castle.

Chevalier: You need Castle (level 15), Forge (level 15) and Knight (level 5). Chevalier has to be researched in Forge before you can build this unit in the castle.

Herold: You need Castle (level 25), Forge (level 20) and Phallanx (level 10). Chevalier has to be researched in Forge before you can build this unit in the castle.

8. Forum

When you have completed your account registration an foruum account is created automatically.
Use your playername and account password to login to the forum.