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1 Accounts

I Account-Sharing / Multi-accounts
Accountsharing is not allowed. An account has to pe played by one person only.
You must not have more than one account per IP!
Exception: Sitting in holiday mode:

II Holiday Mode
During the Holiday mode it is not allowed to:
  * Send Ressources to the sitted account
  * Send Reinforcements to the sitted account
  * Trade with the sitted account

Shared Accounts or Multi-Accounts will be deleted automatically and without warning.

III Accounttrade
It is not allowed to trade accounts. The owner of the registration email is the only
rightful account holder.

2 Bugusing

The abuse of bugs and game weaknesses of any kind and for personal advantages is not
allowed and will result in an account deletion without warning.
Bugs have to be reported in the Bug forum as soon as possible.

3 Manipulative Operations

Any operations that cause immoderate traffic and/or serverload or which have negative
influence on the game performance are prohibited.
Especially automatic or semiautomatic scripts that get game mechanisms going are explicitely
forbidden! Any violation of this rule results in account deletion without warning.
We reserve the right to charge you for any costs that resulted from such manipulations.

4 Blackmail/Extortion

Blackmail, Extortion, Menace and Sandbagging that concern the real life may result in
account deletion.

5 Offensive Language

Any abusive language that that violates common etiquette and manner is not allowed.
This also applies to names, kingdom names, profile texts ect.
Violations to this rule may result in deletion of the account.

6 Refund

If a player suffers due to programming-mistakes or other kinds of mistakes by the
publishing party, he has no right to demand a backup to the date before the incident
(personal backup). If and in what form this backup may be offered in exceptional
cases, will depend on the publishing party.

7 Exclusion from the game

Every rule break can lead to a banishment or exclusion from the game.
Depending on the severity of the case, it may lead to an account-deletion.

8 Terms of servive (general terms and conditions)

For Players, who are due to federal law, nonage or other reasons not able to legally agree
to the TOS, the TOS will be used only additional for the intern interpretation of the rules.
There will be no legal bond for those players to the TOS, but it will enable the same
judgement for every player.